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Andrea Morgenstern

Andrea Morgenstern has personally coached hundreds of women on their journey towards self understanding and changing their life to one that feels more aligned with their heart.

Andrea has created various online and offline programs, retreats, workshops, and trainings. Although the subject matter may differ from course to course, everyone walks out feeling more connected to their intuition and have a deeper sense of trust in their path. They have more clarity about what they truly want and how to get there.

And all of that is being learned in a very smooth down to earth way. It doesn’t need to go the hard way, we can ease into it!

Melvin Hart

Melvin Hart combines a variety of skills into a holistic approach to dealing with the human being in this spiritual experience called life.

From being a personal trainer and neuromuscular therapist in Manhattan – to walking the path of shamanism in Peru, he bridges the gap between science and spirit. His practical approach towards coaching his clients allows them to evolve and expand in all aspects of their lives.

Well known to bring the spiritual world to the ground without taking away its magic – his mentoring style is direct, honest and forward leading.

About Melvin